Thomas Aquinas
20160206 161056
Saint Aquinas
Occupation: Roman Catholic priest, philosopher and theologian
Education: Abbey of Monte Cassino

University of Naples Federico II

Noteable Works Summa Theologica

Summa contra Gentiles

Born January 28 1225
Died March 7 1274 (aged 49)

Thomas Aquinas was one of the best scholastic philosophers of the Roman Catholic Church. Aquinas provided logical grounds for a significant number of Catholic dogmas. Hence, he is considered as a ‘doctor’ and one of the early fathers of the church. Like other scholastics, Thomas Aquinas used the Greco-Roman philosophy, particularly the Aristotelian logic, to provide [what he hoped was] rational foundation for faith. [1]

Thomas Aquinas was a Roman Catholic Theologian of the Middle Ages.


  1. Refuting the Five Ways of Aquinas You can read more about why Thomas Aquinas was wrong here.

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