Thomas Jefferson
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Mr. Jefferson
Political party: Democratic-Republican
Education: College of William & Mary
Religion Deism or Christian Deism
Born April 13, 1743
Died July 4, 1826 (aged 83)

Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States. He was generally a Democratic-Republican, but not an official member.

The most notable thing about his Presidency is the case Marbury v. Madison. Oh, and something about France and Taxes and Barbary Pirates and allegations that he may have fathered at least one illegitimate black child. [1] [2][3] [4]

He also wrote the Declaration of Independence, so The Bush's aren't big fans. Jefferson political beliefs could be considered in some ways Liberal. Jefferson sent Abigail Adams a letter on September 11 1804 (197 Years to the day 9/11 happened). [5]. Also 9 years later on the same day Jefferson sent a letter to a man named John Wayles Eppes[6]


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  2. Sally Hemings Biography (1773-1835)
  3. The Hemings children carry Jefferson genes, so are descended from a Jefferson, but there's no proof that they descend from Thomas Jefferson rather than a relative of Thomas Jefferson.
  4. Conservative racists care about the possible interracial relationship and discrediting Liberals by discrediting a leading Liberal thinker. Liberapedia understands that attacks on Liberalism which discredit Liberal thinkers are ad hominem. We don't care that Betty Hemings was a slave, of African descent, or Jefferson's sister-in-law when it comes to evaluating Jefferson's thinking. We do care that Jefferson may have taken advantage of a young girl who couldn't easily say no, when he owed her a duty of protection.
  5. From Thomas Jefferson to Abigail Smith Adams, 11 September 1804
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