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Tim Profitt is a Tea Bagger and former campaign coordinator for Republican Rand Paul [1] who apparently thought the best way to deal with a woman opponent was to stomp her in the head. Profitt got probation and had to pay his victim's medical expenses. Should he have gone to jail? [2][3][4][5]


  1. Rand Paul, the son of Libertarian, Ron Paul has disassociated himself from the stomping and dismissed Profitt as campaign coordinator. Why did he choose such a violent peaceful character in the first place? At the very least he appears a poor judge of character. If he were to win the election would he make similar mistakes as a Senator .
  2. Tim Profitt Gets Probation After Physical Scuffle During 2010 Election Season
  3. Tim Profitt Issued Summons, Whines This one claims Profitt is a Libertarian as well.
  4. In shocking video a woman in Kentucky is shown being pushed to the ground while a man puts his foot on her and then stomps her.
  5. Kentucky Headstomper: She Should Apologize for Making Me Attack Her!

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