Toddlers and Tiaras is a TV Show on TLC (The Learning Channel). It is a dumb show where parents argue with each other about how pretty their kid is. Is it bad because it supports nepotism, supports conservativism, and makes children famous by making them into little drama queens.

2 girls were in a pageant on this show they had 3 other sisters and their names were Ashlynn and Breanne, Briannie was so, spoiled most likely because of favoritism. Jamie Sterling is a hated mother because of her little episode of demeaning Ashlynn and now the world loves Ashlynn more then her family ever did, ever does and ever will! [1]

Texan Toddlers and Tiaras mom, Tori Hensley regularly gives her 2 year old daughter sugar and Caffeine to make the child give an energetic performance. Later the child may chill out and go to sleep. Dr Sue Decotiis commented, "Of all the dietary no-no's, soda is the worst. It's been associated with a dramatic rise in childhood as well as adult diabetes, more so than any other junk food." [2]

Child models don't get protection that other child performers get, many are encouraged or pressured by adults to give up their education for a modelling career and most are later unsuccessful. New York State plans a bill giving child and Teen models under 18 legal protection. Sadly kids in the rest of the United States won't get similar protection. [3]


  1. Tear Jerker: Toddlers And Tiaras, this page contains good examples of how not to be a parent
  2. A caffeine addiction at TWO? Toddlers and Tiaras mom sparks outcry for giving child soda, tea and Pixie Stix breakfast cocktail
  3. 'I shouldn't have to choose between modeling and education': New legislation could finally give vulnerable child models the protection they need

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