Tom Selleck is an American actor, born January 29th, 1945.

Tom Selleck is not to be confused with:

David Hasslehoff
Eric Cartman

Career and fameEdit

He is best known for the lead role as Thomas Magnum on the 1980s TV show Magnum P.I. He's been in other things like Friends and... uh... he has a big moustache sometimes. His most recent role has been the lead star in the Jesse Stone series on CBS.


Selleck describes himself as having libertarian leanings. In the 2008 US presidential election he suppoted John McCain. But he's got such a great moustache I don't want to write any nasty funny things against him! And while he does tend to vote Republican, he doesn't use his politics to spread hatespeech the way other Hollywood Republicans do, like Robert Duvall and Jon Voight. Unlike Duvall and Voight, Selleck is actually a relatively moderate guy. He's also a member of the NRA.

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