Thomas Clement "Tommy" Douglas
20160326 014423
Mr. Douglas
Political Party: CCF (1935–1961)

NDP (1961–1986)

Education: Brandon University

McMaster University University of Chicago

Religion Baptist minister
Born October 20 1904
Died February 24 1986

Thomas Clement "Tommy" Douglas is a Canadian Social Democrat who lead the first socialist government in North America


Tommy Douglas started getting involved in politics when he joined the Co-Operative Commenwealth Federation during the depression. In 1935, he ran and was elected to the House of Commons during the 1935 election.

Premier of SaskatchewanEdit

In 1944, Tommy Douglas resigned from the House of Commons in 1944 to run for Premier of Saskatchewan. He won the election forming the first socialist government in North America. He ran the province, creating Health Care for all


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