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The Tower of Babel is a biblical story, it is believed that man tried to build a tower to heaven and it angered God. Omnipotent god was seriously threatened by this enormous building. If God didn't stop them nothing would hold them back. So he confused the languages of the world in the hope people would never again be able to engineer the construction of such advanced technology, a belief commonly held by members of the flat earth society.

Is this reasonable?Edit

They don't like to describe it's height, pictures indicate that is tops the lower clouds (perhaps about a mile high) no one accounts for the effects of high altitude, so it isn't as tall as some natural mountains. Technology got people to the moon, and God must have known this, as God is omniscient. SInce the moon is substantially higher than a few miles (the tower's limit as the builders lacked high altitude equipment), God's stopping action didn't do all that much.

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For those who live in an alternate reality, the so-called-experts at Conservapedia have an article about Tower of Babel.

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