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Tradition In Action (...) is a self-professed non-sedevacantist organization, meaning that they believe the Vatican II claimants are valid Popes. They also believe that sedevacantism is a "fundamental error" and claim sedevacantists believe "a Pope can do no wrong" [1]
However, TIA's members [ridicule] the Roman clergy, the Pope, and many prominent Catholic leaders (...). Their manner of presenting pictures and commentary (...) is (...) a misrepresentation of facts and disgraceful to the Church and Her hierarchy. (...) it cannot validly claim a right to defense of Holy Mother Church. [2]

Tradition in Action is a far-right, cult organization and website that basically hates everything and everyone disagrees with a great many people. Tradition in action don't consider themselves sedevacantist, they believe Pope Francis is the Pope but disapprove of a great deal connected with him. [3]


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