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However, every now and then the circumstances align such that a Republican in power has a clear, unavoidable choice between serving their country or brazenly betraying it for the sake of their Party's criminal agenda, and they will always choose the latter. They know it is unlikely they will ever be brought to justice for it, so there is no reason in their morality-devoid, honorless minds not to betray their country. Sometimes, in moments of rare candor or commonplace arrogance, Republicans will even openly brag about their willingness to harm America for their own benefit. (...) Their complete record is far worse, and what horrors they've succeeded in fully concealing aren't to be imagined.[1]

Did you mean this?

"Treason, like torture, is defined as that which we do not do in the G8."- Dick Cheney


  1. Top 10 Republican Acts of Treason

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