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The USA PATRIOT (Act) was a bill passed by the US Congress after 9/11 that permitted warrant-less wiretapping of all phone calls and monitoring of emails. Big Brother is watching you. He is also listening to your phone calls. And reading your email. Must be an incredibly boring job.

Was it real Patriotism? There are times When patriotism is bad.

The Patriot Act is a threat to personal Freedom and Democracy. While Mainstream America is fine with government protecting us and keeping us safe, mainstream America is also for the Constitution, which requires government to get a warrant to make arrest. This is found in the fourth amendment.

It also has been claimed to censor certain writings (such us that supporting Islamists), which goes against the First Amendment. If you're an American and you oppose it they'll try and pretend you're unpatriotic.

The sections of USA PATRIOT Act which are still in effect were due to sunset in the year 2015. Don't hold your breath though.

In 2018 Section 702 was reauthorized by the US House of Representatives without any amendments about privacy[1]

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