• Blue in the Red Zone

    Conservatives are attacking Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of women's reproductive health services in the country.  It's of course a well known, well published ongoing effort.  Yet, for all the hooplah, there are parts of the story that just don't seem to be newsworthy, hmm.

    I'd probably not have noticed had it not been for some conservative friends on social media.  I first became aware of a furor among area conservatives over "free speach" issues at a local University.  It seems that professors teaching some "women's studies" and "ethnic studies" classes were requiring their students to assume a subservient roll to students of the studied group durring some classes, to try to teach the emotional impact of discrimination.  Worse …

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  • Blue in the Red Zone

    Someone added a Page on Confederate flags recently, and as I edited it I was reminded of something which I've been wondering about for some time.  Can we go too far in removing reminders of our intolerant past?  If we remove all the reminders, will we imagine that the problems of race and inequality borne of racism don't still exist?

    For many Americans, racism isn't an ever-present consideration.  Some minorities have become concentrated in majority communities or enclaves, while many rural areas have a very small minority population.  We in America aren't a homogenous mix of race and culture.  The truth is probably that many or even most Americans don't have regular contact with different groups in our adult lives.  For those of us who wer…

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  • Blue in the Red Zone

    There's an expression I hear now and then, "Don't hate the Player, Hate the Game".  I recently added a favorite page to my profile, and it reminded me of that expression.  I wondered what a genius like George Mason would have thought of modern politics or modern economics.  Would he have used something like that expression to remind us that sometimes it's not about the players, it's about the game?

    We can hate the corporations, the PACs or the elites that seem to be running and ruining the world, but they're just the Players.  We can even hate the Game, our Constitutions and systems of Laws that form the basis for our governments and economies.  Players will still play.  We lost track of one the guiding principle ages ago.  As long as we co…

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  • Blue in the Red Zone


    April 18, 2015 by Blue in the Red Zone

    I really like my search engine.  I don't know about you guys, but sometimes when I'm a little bored I enter stuff into my search engine just to see what comes up.  Today the search term I chose was unnews.  After the standard paid results, here's the winners:

    1. ===UnNews:Main Page - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia===
    2. ===Unnews | Facebook===
    3. ===United Nations News - UN News Centre===
    4. ===Fox News Channel===

    Some pretty interesting results, huh?  I'd never heard of UnNews from Uncyclopedia, and the UN News Centre is a pretty interesting site too.  But the Fox News Channel official site as the #4 result?  Did I mention that I really like my search engine?

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