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July 25, 2012
  • EvolvedRaptor

    If you go on  Conservapedia today you'll notice this on the front page

    "The Irish  atheists Michael Nugent argues that atheism has not failed in a debate with Rabbi Jonathan Romain. [1]One thing for certain, Michael Nugent still hasn't lost his excess weight! Less potatoes Michael and more lentils! See:Atheism and obesity"

    It's offical conservapedia has hit an all new low! 

    For those of you haven't seen their article on 'Atheism and obesity" i'll put the link here [1]

    First of all not only is this in sensitive, it's a coward tactic to avoid an actual debate, Allow me to demonstrate

    Conservepedia editor: 'Gays are going to hell blablabla so are atheisits!!! raararaaraar!!!!@(@#$!!"

    Over weight Atheist: "You have many flaws in your reasoning here …

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  • EvolvedRaptor

    Please look at this link i have posted here [1]  

    There you have it folks that's  the true conservapedia way! 

    Post a bunch of irelevent  Bible quotes tell them they are going to hell , Block them ,and then declare victory!

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  • EvolvedRaptor

    I got this link from Conservapedia  Yeah...uhhh...Did he just say what i think he said?

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  • EvolvedRaptor

    "The sister of the two young Boston bombing suspects stated that she has "no idea what's gotten into them." [1]Perhaps it was submersion into violent video games by the young men?"

    So let me get this straight, so there they were  playing [Insert generic fps here] and then that somehow made them decide to kill a bunch of innocent people...  "That makes perfect sense! "

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  • EvolvedRaptor

    So i turn on the news and it's all "North Korea did this North Korea did that"

    And,  from what i've heard have missiles that can reach anywhere  in asia.....And all their worried about on the news is them hitting guam...And i'm just sitting there like "Guam, are you kidding me?" (Btw i think this is all a bluff and no ones going to die.)  But still in the ludicrous  scenriao that they bomb south korea and i guess Japan, a majority  of people here in north america won't care that millions of innocent human beings are dead (Mostly just the usa though but still i hate having to put with their crap.) But ONE Count Em ONE American soldier is killed and "Oh man its payback time how dare they kill an armed combatant!" 

    Sigh maybe it's just crazy ol…

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