• Joseph logston

    born again

    November 29, 2009 by Joseph logston

    im sorry for posting & edding in the wrong place,

    but ever since my childhood baptist religion was force down my throat and i have been pissed about it and im trying to debunk all religions for freethinkers what is wrong with people

    do they think different or are they brained washed, or they think it will take them to a imaginary place up in the sky with the great wizerd that no one haves seen or ever see, or are they retarded, my two sister are with them and i cant change there minds there like in a harden bubble  is there a way to save them from right wing Nazis, they are racist they think that they can do no wrong or if they do you pray for forgiveness and you do it again and pray again and so on i wonder why they smile all the time, if t…

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