I am a Liberal against marijuana legalization. I honestly don't believe marijuana should be legalized And I will explain why. First of all, Marijuana is a gateway drug That can lead to harder drugs. Even though marijuana in itself cannot kill you It can lead to drugs that can. This explains Why drugs were so prevalent Before marijuana became illegal. Another thing that most people don't think about Is that the marijuana now is a lot stronger then It was in the 70s and even in the 80s. Not only this but, If marijuana was to be Legalize Parents would Probably smoke it around their children And this Largely Impact their growth and brain development. This also brings about the issue of second hand smoke And how it would affect Those who Otherwise, Wouldn't Want to be exposed to it. There would also be an issue with pregnant women smoking it and how It would Affect the unborn baby. Another reason why marijuana shouldn't be legalized Is because It would create another tobacco industry That could Target children For marketing the drug! They could also add Chemicals and stuff to it to make it more addictive Or even grow highbred plants that would be more addictive.

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