I have never really gotten Why it is that parents tend to Protect and shelter teenage girls! While letting their teenage boys Go out and experiment With drugs, sex, Partying, And whatever else they can get into. While at the same time Not even letting their teenage girls go out on dates with boys Or hang out with friends or, if The parents do decide to let them They are asked lots of questions first. But, when they're boys want to go out somewhere with a girl or with friends They say "Okay son, You kids have fun". Just like how people encourage teenage boys to go and get a girlfriend Or flirt with girls. But when a girl asks why she's not being encouraged She's told "You know most guys only want one thing"Now that may be true but, They are plenty of girls out there you want just one thing! I think that if parents are not going to encourage girls To go out, Party, Have sex, Drink under age, Do drugs, More whatever else they want to experiment with. Then don't encourage Boys to do that kind of stuff. And if you are going to tell a guy that that kind of stuff is okay For them to do Then you might as well tell your daughters It's okay for them to. If any of you have seen the show "Hogan knows best" Then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Hulk Hogan let's his teenage son Do whatever he wants Despite He's younger then Brook and gets into trouble all the time. While Brooke, On the other hand. Is not allowed to do anything without permission And is only granted permission After being asked a ton of questions. There is even one part of the show When the sun Tells but that the reason he's able to get away with so much Is because he's a guy and she's a girl. Almost taunting her. But, this is not about the show "Hogan knows best". Nor is it about Whether or not the activities I mentioned Are wrong or right. It's about the unfairness of double-standards Four girls and women. The same can be said About women who sleep around Being called names. But, when a guy sleeps around They are considered "a Ladies man", "The man", or "cool". This is about the unfairness of both of these double- standards.

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