Are people (not any here, this isn't aimed anyone here) who say "bro" is black slang (or Nordic slang) stupid?

Rupert2 January 13, 2016 User blog:Rupert2

What does this have to do with liberals?

Well while it's directly a political issue, I've seen many on Occupy Democrats who have claimed such and such. And so it begs me to ask. Considering that it was an Englishman (of Norman ancestry) who coined the word "bro" in its loving, slang usage (he wrote a memoir; his name is John Evelyn). The word taking on friend.

It's so annoying when these idiots say it because it's like, I grew up in NEw York, and I've never heard black or white people say the word (old and young). I know some say "bro" was black slang in the 1960s. I've seen footage from the 60s, no black person that I can recall ever used the word in the 1960s. It was "brother" (which also is not related to the black slang).

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