as acting president of pakistan in absence of bhutto family i was active with arabs who in pakistan during the gulf war 1996 2001 and arabs were allowed to study in pakistan in a special cota fixed to them they were allowed to bring their cars and take houses flat on rent many of them almost all know me arabs of that time falcon house conslates ect know me i came in power because of army and these arabs who wanted me as acting president of pakistan due to inspired by my work as how i was with them to improve our relation with the arabs and to solve the palestine matters with the usa as they knew i am visiter to usa marine karachi and later in 2001 i used to be on the invite list in usa marine karachi base of usa in pakistan for the usa forces i also write on politics on foreign sites regarding this then i send letters to india to to actors so that our relationship with india become good i met usa mayor son in 2004 we discussed about l 9 11 and he said he is with pakistan he will understand about india and our relation ship regarding india kashmir and division of land within india for muslims too the fikree family and army are the main stream persons to bring me into politics and appoint me as acting president of pakistan in the absence of bhutto family the fikrees are irani blauch have link with all arabs prince kinngdom some settled in pakistan some in dubai fikree family is owner of convent of jesus and mary schiool karachi and stjosephs principle of mine was munira fikree same family she is related to mohamad ali shaki singer who is irani blauchi they knew my grand father saeed a sheikh attoney general deputy general of sind[pakistan and then they are the one behind my comming as acting president of pakistan my principle munira fikree and her family and army are the one by seeing my work they are the one to bring me tariq saeed my uncle was adviser to nawaz sharif sources said my grand father saeed a sheikh was also behind this nawaz sharif was the prime minister of pakistan in that time and after my regime during it in 1999 2000 2001 pervaiz mushraf army cheif took over pakistan but my work didnt stop i carried on in politics even till today

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