Vermont Progressive party

Vermont Progressive party

The Vermont Progressive party is a political party in America it is only active in the state of Vermont which is a awesome state. The party was formed by supporters of Bernie Sanders and are among Bernie Sanders biggest supporters also Mayor of Burlington, Vermont Bob Kiss is a member of the Vermont Progressive party the party has 2 members in the Vermont Senate and 6 members in the Vermont house state house. Supporters think it is a way better party then the democrats and the republicans which are both corporate owned political parties unlike the democratic socialist and social democratic parties in Europe.

Platform Edit

The Progressive Party encompasses a social democratic and populist platform. The parties main focus is advocacy for a single-payer health care system through an expansion of the state’s Medicaid program to universal coverage . Other major policy platforms are renewable energy programs such as a high-speed rail system and a phase-out of nuclear energy, prison reforms to reduce the state’s prison population, ending the War on Drugs and programs to end homelessness in the state, primarily through putting funding into Section 8 housing to remove all waitlist, repealing No Child Left Behind (Could this mean that some children do get left behind?) and ending the focus on standardized testing in the school system. The party also has an anti-war stance, advocating for Vermont's national guard to be restricted from engaging in war zones, an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and opposes all preemptive strikes. The party is very supportive of LGBT rights , and members of the party were involved in the legalization of gay marriage in the state. Supporters feel the Progressive party of Vermont is awesome.

Economically, the party also calls for converting the minimum wage to a living wage , having the economy focus on small and local businesses, empowerment of worker cooperatives and publicly-owned companies as democratic alternatives to multi-national corporations and to decentralize the economy, for the strengthening of state law to protect the right to unionize, for implementing a progressive income tax and repealing the Capital Gains Tax Exemption and residential education property tax and all trade to be subject to international standards on human rights . The party is also critical of privatization.

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Adapted from Vermont Progressive Party, a Wikipedia article

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