The Vietnam POW Issue is a conspiracy theory based around whether or not US troops serving in the Vietnam War were left behind in POW camps.

During the conflict, both the Viet Cong and the North Vietnamese Army were known to capture troops and torture them in POW camps, namely such as The Hanoi Hilton. Thousands of troops were captured during the war and were held for years.

Eventually, the war ended with the US losing to both the NVA and the VC. The US was able to make deals securing the release of thousands of American POWs. However, thousands more were still labeled Missing in Action, which started the belief that troops were still being held in POW camps.

In later years, several committees were formed to investigate the issue. Sen. John Kerry and John McCain both served on a committee together, and like the other committee's, no evidence could be found indicating that troops were left behind. However, people still believe that the government and committees covered up the issue.

To this day many still believe troops were left behind, simply because of how everyone wanted to put the war behind them and because of the cost factor of trying to retrieve them. Both Television shows and movies have supported the conspiracy. Even most Conservatives and Liberals can both agree the issue that troops were left behind in POW camps. It's hard to prove or disprove.

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