A vote is the main power that the average person has to oust shitty governments and introduce good governments... well that's the idea, but that doesn't always happen!

How to vote Edit

In America Edit

You go to your nearest polling station, and you tap your option onto a screen, it is completely paperless. That sucks dick, because that is very vunerable to election fraud. I say bring back lever-powered, paperful voting because that can't be malwared as easily.

Everywhere else Edit

Vote on paper slips at the polling station (you can use a pen or pencil, it doesn't matter). Or if you can't vote at the polling station? Then vote by post or by proxy, which is sending someone else to vote on your behalf.

Does every vote count? Edit

It does in a referendum, where you are just given percentages. It also does in a pure democracy, where even one blue vote in a red-as-fuck precinct, in a red-as-fuck town, can make all the difference. It doesn't all count in a Parliamentary democracy (like the UK) or an Electoral College democracy (like the US), in a parliamentary democracy, it is a pure democracy within constituencies/districts, so luckily some votes are thrown out which don't represent the people of that area's interests, it is quite representative. Electoral College is a double-edged sword, it is to 3rd parties what a ton of bricks is to a naked human, but is makes sure all states are represented (by the electoral delegate system)!

Who wants the vote to not count for shit? Edit

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