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The giant retailer's low prices often come with a high cost. Wal-Mart's relentless pressure can crush the companies it does business with. (...) The real story of Wal-Mart, the story that never gets told, is the story of the pressure the biggest retailer relentlessly applies to its suppliers in the name of bringing us "every day low prices." It's the story of what that pressure does to the companies Wal-Mart does business with, to U.S. manufacturing, and to the economy as a whole. [1]
Walmart, (known as ASDA in the UK) is a controversial American Supermarket chain of oversized superstores, being the number one killer of small businesses. The empire was formed by Sam Walton in 1962. Their supporters say they are popular and efficient. Opponents say they exploit workers. WalMart is accused of Predatory pricing. That involves lowering prices in the short term to drive competitors out of business. Later when competition has gone it is alleged that Walmart raises prices to the detriment of consumers. The large Walmart supermarkets cause Traffic congestion and Traffic pollution.

This parasitic wholesale/distribution giant is also the worlds largest employer. They enslave illegal immigrants and their employee wages average way below the national poverty line. They also screw over their employees by destroying any union they come up with, or firing them, or making them work in the children's section, the whole time bragging about paying and treating their employees better than the competition, even if said-bragging is a blatant lie. They use a gawdy image of shallow, phony patriotism and flag-waving, and contributing to urban sprawl. A major competitor to golf courses in wasting valuable land which could be used for farming and housing.

They say Walmart isn't too keen on Free speech either.

No one wants to end up in what is known among Wal-Mart vendors as the "penalty box"—punished, or even excluded from the store shelves, for saying something that makes Wal-Mart unhappy. (The penalty box is normally reserved for vendors who don't meet performance benchmarks, not for those who talk to the press.) "You won't hear anything negative from most people," says Paul Kelly, founder of Silvermine Consulting Group, a company that helps businesses work more effectively with retailers. "It would be committing suicide. If Wal-Mart takes something the wrong way, it's like Saddam Hussein. You just don't want to piss them off."[1]

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