Wal-Mart's Trucks

Wal-Mart is a chain of over sized superstores mostly found in the Southern USA being the number one killer of small business in the United States of America. They close down all little shoppes in the area, and then sponsor people to start up new businesses, with advance revenue going back to Wal-Mart.

This parasitic wholesale/distribution giant is also the worlds largest employer and mostly sells poorly-made Chinese products (especially clothing). They enslave illegal immigrants and their employee wages average way below the national poverty line. They also screw over their employees by destroying any union they come up with, or firing them, or making them work in the children's section, the whole time bragging about paying and treating their employees better than the competition, even if said bragging is a blatant lie. They use a gawdy image of shallow, phony patriotism and flag-waving, and contributing to urban sprawl. A major competitor to golf courses in wasting valuable land which could be used for farming and housing.

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