Wayne Besen
20151208 050316
Mr. Besen
Known for: Former spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign

Founder of Truth Wins Out

Education: University of Florida
Noteable Awards Nominated for two Lambda Literary Awards
Born July 5, 1970

Wayne Besen is a popular and intelligent gay columnist and public speaker. [1]

Conversion therapyEdit

Among other achievements Wayne Besen outed and photographed allegedly Ex-gay John Paulk cruising a gay bar. [2]

Besen has campaigned hard against Reparative therapy].

When [Wayne Besen] founded Truth Wins Out in 2006, the myth that one could “pray away the gay” was a central part of the Religious Right’s strategy to demonize and legislate against LGBT people. In less than a decade, this elaborate hoax is in ruins — with only hard-core dead-enders peddling this manufactured lie. [3]

Indeed, reparative therapy is arguably not even therapy at all. It appears to be an organized campaign by antigay activists to hijack medical language to stigmatize a group of people so they will not achieve equal rights. The result is enormous psychological harm to clients and a negative impact on family relationships, because parents are falsely blamed for causing their children to be gay. For these reasons, laws should be passed in every state to prohibit charlatans from abusing LGBT minors in the guise of “therapy.” (Wayne Besen) [4]


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