United StatesEdit

Between 1834 and 1856, the opponents of the Democratic Party, which back then were conservative racist slave lovin' owning southerners, were called the Whig Party. They were fiscal conservatives, but socially liberal, so were pretty much Libertarians. Two Presidents were elected from the Whig Party, both of whom died in office. The Whig Party was also the Party of Senator Henry Clay, and the original party of Abraham Lincoln. The party was destroyed by the issue of slavery.

United KingdomEdit

There was also a Whig Party in the United Kingdom during the 18th Century and the early 19th Century. During the 19th Century the British Whig Party changed its name to the Liberal Party. During the 20th Century the British Liberal Party changed yet again and in the 21st Century they are the Liberal Democrats or simply the Lib Dems.

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