What Google thinks of Conservapedia.

*NUFF said.
  • Conservapedia sucks because they have fundy religious ideas and right-wing crap. They hate everything that is in the left-wing spectrum and they think that they are trust-worthy.
  • Conservapedia sucks because it is an online totalitarian "paradise", they WILL block you if you add more truth, even if it is truth which fixes their blatant revisionism.
  • Conservapedia sucks because they are so paranoid they lock up the wiki every night (every AMERICAN night, that is. Gotta keep shit American, right?), disallow unregistered IP's from editing, and move their site regularly.
  • Conservapedia sucks because you can't help thinking of sad kids growing up in abusive families like the Phelps family. Then you think of those kids growing up Homeschooled with Conservapedia so they will never learn what's wrong with their way of doing things and will bring their kids up to be like themselves.
  • Conservapedia sucks because they provide false information on everything and yet there are some people who believe in that crap. For example they say Hitler was a communist and an atheist, they say atheism is evil, Creationism is right and evolution is wrong.
  • Conservapedia sucks so much that even Wikipedia is way better than it and Conservapedia is good only for a laugh.
  • Conservapedia sucks because they're stupid and think Al Gore is a liar and Bush tells the truth! They suck because they think that Al Gore was trying to cheat and Bush won instead of the other way round!.
  • Conservapedia sucks because They think the Iraq war is about terrorists instead of oil!
  • Conservapedia sucks because they think Bernie Sanders is a Marxist.
  • Conservapedia sucks because they think socialism and capitalism are incompatible. Utter fucking bullshit! FDR signed the New Deal, which allowed for a slightly mixed economy, Reagan however, disregarded the mixed ecomony, and seeing as it is a capital offence on that webshite website to insult this presidential profit-prophet, "ASchafly" disregards it as well!

Will Conservapedia die?Edit

The Death of Conservapedia hasn't happened yet. conservapedia stays alive and shows people the stupidity hypocrisy and untruthfulness of extremist Conservative beliefs.

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