Why do Social Conservatives exist? Edit

  • Fear of difference. It is normal for people to be wary of the unknown, but these guys are just paranoid.
  • They like tradition and "Family values"!
  • They like to have their religion on the political landscape, even though that's technically against the First Amendment.

Why do Fiscal Conservatives exist? Edit

  • If a rich person: Greed.
  • If poor people: A misunderstanding of the term "Personal responsibility"! For example: They deny healthcare because they think someone who gets shot in a country with virtually no gun regulations, is just being fiscally irresponsible.

For those of us who don't like the Truth, Conservapedia has a similar article

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All this is preliminary and not conclusive yet but there may be differences in the brains of Conservatives and Liberals. Basically Conservatives are more emotional while liberals and other Left wing people are better at reasoning and analysis.

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