Wicca is a Religion that involves casting spells and working magic doing ceremonies that believers imagine work magic. There's no evidence that magic is real or that any Paranormal stuff is real. Better Wiccans believe that magic should only be done for good purposes like healing, they believe magic carried out to do harm will rebound on the perpetrator.

Wicca derived from Pre-Christian Pagan religions and has many Celtic elements. They worship a triple goddess, compare this with the Holy Trinity. She is seen as the maiden, the mother and the wise old crone, this is connected with the waxing Moon, the full moon and the waning moon. There is also a horned god.

Wiccans have reverence for nature and tend to support Environmentalism, that makes them more Liberal than American Conservative Christians. Wiccans also give a stronger role for Women than traditional Fundamentalist Christians. Wiccans were persecuted in the past and today there is still Prejudice. At least Americans and Europeans don't burn Witches anymore. [1] [2]

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  1. Wicca
  2. Christianity & Wicca in America

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