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Wikia (previously known as Wikicities) is a service that provides free web space for online and offline communities who want a wiki (and are prepared to release copyright for what they write on the wiki). In late 2006, it was claimed Wikia pages had been viewed 40-50 million times. Wikia has grown since then. Specialist Wikis within Wikia accept contributions that are unsuitable for Wikipedia. Wikia already has a fiction wiki, several wikis dedicated to different role play games, cookery wikis and more and more and more.

User accounts on WikiaEdit

All wikis registered on Wikia share a single user database. This has some advantages compared to registering on each resource separately, but has some serious drawbacks. For example, it is much harder to use different user names on different wikis, which makes user name blocks a lot more effective.


One big drawback can be that they don't allow wiki communities any say over which advertisements appear on their pages.

  1. Advertisements are very much in your face,
  2. You have to pay for the broadband that you use while Wikia downloads action adverts that you don't want to watch.
  3. Some adverts have sound that you can't switch off or can't easily switch off. If you live somewhere where noise from your computer can disturb other people disable sound before logging into Wikia late at night. These noisy adverts turn up unexpectedly and you may not be able to silence the computer before your neighbours have been woken up.

(For example, for quite some time Wikia displayed The Church of Scientology's ads on a number of pages on Liberapedia, largely missing the ads' target audience and only annoying the users.)


Controversially Wikia insisted on the Monaco but later insisted on the Oasis as the default skin for all wikis. At least Wikia is now helping users get individual skins for their wikis so wikis don't have to be as dull as the standard Oasis.

Choosing a skinEdit

If you don't like Wikia's Oasis page layout, you can switch to Wikipedia's Monobook style instead. (Note: some features may be disabled while using Monobook.)

  • Register for an account or log in if you have an account.
  • Click on More at the top of the page.
  • Click on My Preferences.
  • Click on the Layout combobox and select Monobook.
  • Click on save near the bottom of the page. </s>

Liberapedia and the new skinEdit

Liberapedia administrators have not chosen the new skin but Wikia changed the skin on October the 22nd, 2010. The change became compulsory after November the 10th and there seemed little point in delaying the inevitable.

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