Wiktionary (a portmanteau of “wiki” and “dictionary”) is a project to create open content dictionaries in every language. The first Wiktionary was the English language Wiktionary, created by Brion Vibber on December 12, 2002. French and Polish language Wiktionaries followed over a year later, on March 22, 2004. On May 1, 2004, Tim Starling initialised Wiktionaries in every language for which there was an existing Wikipedia, leading to 143 new Wiktionaries [1]
Wiktionary is the dictionary equivalent of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is a sister project of Wikipedia. Wiktionary is run by the Wikimedia Foundation and is available in many languages. It is said that Jimmy Wales also founded the site A Wikisaurus is also included on the site since it was not popular as an independent site.


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