We sometimes like to mix parody and satire with good information. We know you're smart enough to tell the difference.

Worst President Ever This was widely considered to have been President George W. Bush though there have been other very bad Presidents.

Some of the reasons Bush is considered the worst president ever:

1. Dubya was never legally elected.

2. Dubya has trampled on the Constitution.

3. Dubya is incompetent and said stupid things.

4. Dubya has the lowest IQ of any president yet. It was thought at one time that Franklin Pierce's IQ might have been lower, due to excessive Alcohol, but this hasn't been proved.

5. Dubya was thought to be deficient because he alone of all former presidents has never written a book or even an article. Later people realized that he has never even read a book or an article. (My Pet Goat was mostly pictures and it was never proved he actually "read" any of it.)

6. Dubya doesn't care about black people. (Source: Kanye West)

7. Dubya believes that there are multiple Internets in existence, or he could be referring to each individual Computer as its own internet, which could be an even more ignorant belief than the previous.

.Dubya made us fight in Iraq in the hopes of liberating Iraq of it's Oil!

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If you want to hear a song about Dubya search YouTube or search iTunes if you're using an apple device! It's called Dear Mr President and in my opinion it's a good song-for those who dislike Dubya. If you actually LIKE Dubya then steer clear this song isn't for you!

List of other very bad presidentsEdit

  1. Andrew Jackson
  2. Martin Van Buren
  3. Warren G. Harding
  4. James K. Polk
  5. Franklin Pierce
  6. James Buchanan
  7. Calvin Coolidge
  8. Herbert Hoover
  9. Richard Nixon
  10. Ronald Reagan
  11. Andrew Johnson

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