Yabloko ("Apple") is the most liberal political party in Russia. It was relatively prominent in the 90's, but its influence has been waning in the last years and now they have very little importance and less then 5% of the electorate.

The party argues for greater freedom and civil liberties in the nation, although it  fails to specify its direction beyond these broad ideals. It is environmentally minded, arguing against nuclear waste burial grounds in Russia and the construction of further nuclear power plants, although they again fail to suggest an alternative beyond broad soundbites, which is one of the reasons for their lack of support in Russia.

Yabloko supports greater integration with other Western countries, objects Russian isolacionism, and wants Russia to seek the membership within the European Union. This agenda makes them very unpopular amongst the general population, as other western countries are viewed with great distrust in Russia and any attempt at joining European Union would be universally considered to be a sign of Russia's weakness.

They support the introduction of gender quotas in Russia. They don't put the gay rights on their agenda, although they tend to be unofficially supportive of them.

It opposes United Russia for supporting what they consider a too authoritarian government. They're also against CPRF and communism in general, claiming that the quest for social justice is fruitless and will inevitably lead to grave casualties.

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