Yahoo! Answers is a online Q&A comunity were someone asks a question and someone else answers it for them. It is like a forum with a point system to control the members and get them addicted.

Not everyone likes itEdit

It encourages bad research habits, rewards people who post things that aren't true, and frequently labels factual errors as correct information. It's every middle-school teacher's worst nightmare about the Web. [1]
Some who give answers know what they’re talking about. others don’t. Theu fight a regular problem with users introducing malware. [2].

Many trolls deliberately post incorrect information to idiots who can't use Google. Quite a few of the questions on Yahoo! Answers are downright idiotic and could be solved, literally, by typing the question in a google search instead of wasting the time of users of Yahoo! Answers that actually care about giving insightful, detailed answers.

Profile For a Yahoo! Answers User?Edit

I am 31 years old, living in my parents basement. I was fired from my last 3 jobs within 2 weeks for misunderstandings involving inappropriate body contact and unauthorised use of the fire alarm. I enjoy the company of young women with large mammaries, although this is often not reciprocated. I like the colour purple and hold the world record for stuffing the greatest number of live toads in my underpants.


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