Zebra are Animals, with striking stripes that live wild only in Africa. Zebra are equines related to Horses and Donkeys. The pattern of stripes on each zebra is unique to that animal which may help animals from a herd recognise each other. The stripes possibly break up the outline of the zebra making it harder for predators to see them. When predators attack them zebra herds form a circle and try to defend weaker animals. Alternatively the zebra stripes deter biting flies.[1]

The natural habitat of zebra is under threat as Humans use more and more land for agriculture, also many zebra are poached for their meat and their skins. Two of the three zebra species risk extinction in the wild though captive breeding should keep some alive.

Despite that Zebras are usually flight animals, they can be quite dangerous as they have a powerful kick that can break a lion's jaw.

Zebra can breed in captivity and Romans trained them to pull carts. [2][3][4]


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